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2014 Federal ADR Events and Materials

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April 10
Workplace Disruptions, Reorganizations, and ‘Change Fatigue’: Can ADR Support Resilience?

Today's government employees often operate in an environment of continuous change such as the sequester, agency re-organizations, furloughs, revision of job duties, and more. The responses to such adverse situations include succumbing, surviving, resilience, and thriving. How can ADR professionals assist employees to move towards resilience or thriving? This workshop will examine perspectives on crisis management, resilience, continuity, dealing with "change fatigue," and learning to "manage the unexpected."
March 10
Respectful Confrontation

This workshop will explore how the principles of Respectful Confrontation are necessary for effective leadership in our new work culture. These principles are based on the belief that it is possible to stand in your power, speak your truth, hear the truth of others, and have your needs met in a way that will not cause harm. The use of Respectful Confrontation principles results in a shift in behavior, insight into yourself, and an ease with tackling challenging situations with integrity and understanding.
February 13
Your Brain on Conflict
(Due to the weather forecast and potential snowstorm in the Washington, DC area "Your Brain on Conflict" IS CANCELLED and will be rescheduled.)

In this workshop we will discuss basic brain structures and functions - how they affect behavior and are affected by behavior. We will also discuss neurotransmitters that are important in both producing and interpreting behavior. This knowledge will form the basis for a discussion of how we can influence behavior during times of conflict. We will take typical situations faced by managers and employees, and apply the knowledge of neuroscience to guide us towards more satisfying and effective interactions.
February 13 Facilitating Online Meetings: Tactical Skills for Planning and Leading Web-Based Meetings - CANCELLED

Design considerations for planning online meetings, developing ground rules, recognizing speakers, and balancing participation.

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