Spectrum of Collaborative Processes

The "Spectrum" displayed here was created by the Collaborative and Facilitative Processes Committee, established by the Interagency ADR Working Group to meet the growing needs of federal agencies that are exploring and implementing new collaborative dispute prevention and resolution processes. This chart identifies a wide variety of collaborative techniques that agencies are using, or considering, to address a range of issues, internal and external, regulatory and non-regulatory. In the chart, each column corresponds to a general approach or desired result. The rows identify agency objectives, sample processes and available ADR tools, and the role of the neutral.


President Clinton issued a 1998 order requiring that each federal agency develop a policy to promote greater use of ADR in administrative disputes. The Interagency Working Group was established as a resource for developing ADR programs and sharing information to support the use of ADR.

The ADR policies and programs of many of the federal agencies are listed here. We provide an index of federal agencies with links to learn more about each agency's ADR programs and policies.


Thursday, October 18, 2018
Noon – 1:30pm EDT
Transforming Conflict through Hip Hop

Hip hop is a music genre developed in the US by inner-city African Americans in the 1970s. Today hip hop music promotes constructive self-expression and healing among youth worldwide. It can stimulate dialogue and promote cross-cultural collaboration while serving as a tool for promoting peace and understanding. In this compelling and lively presentation, Professor Mark Katz and Rapper Konshens the MC discuss hip-hop's history of successful conflict resolution and transformation, including its role in their work with the State Department's Next Level international cultural exchange program.

Mark Katz, Ph.D and Koshens the MC

     Presentation Part I         Presentation Part II

Watch videos of previous Interagency ADR Workplace Section Education Programs on the Department of Energy’s website.


What is the Interagency Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Working Group?

We are the central forum and resource for information about the federal government's use of ADR. We advance the use of ADR through:

  • Coordination of multi-agency initiatives
  • Promotion of best practices and programs
  • Dissemination of policy and guidance

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Agency Statements in Support of ADR

Agency leadership has promoted ADR in achieving agency missions.

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