Section Chair:

John A. Dietrich
Dispute Resolution Officer and Administrative Judge
FAA Office of Dispute Resolution for Acquisition
800 Independence Ave., SW, Room 323
Washington, DC 20591
(202) 267-3433

The Contracts and Procurement Section focuses on the use of ADR in the context of federal acquisition contracts, grants, and other transactions. The Section recently completed a second edition of its Electronic Guide to Procurement ADR. The Guide can be found here:

Electronic Guide to Procurement ADR 2d

The first edition of the guide can be found here:

Electronic Guide to Federal Procurement ADR

The Section frequently sponsors programs of interest to the people in these fields of practice, and in coordination with co-sponsoring organizations.  Past programs have included:

Title Date
ADR Settlement Agreements 06/24/2014
The Judge/Mediator Dilemma- Separating Mediator and Adjudicator Roles in Federal Procurement Forums 10/18/2012
Arbitration of Prime Contractor and Subcontractor Disputes 03/01/2012
Making Money Talk: A Presentation by J. Anderson Little 12/14/ 2011
Telephonic Mediation of Acquisition Protests and Contract Disputes 05/10/ 2011
Interest-Based Negotiation Through the Prism of Culture 02/08/ 2011
Dispute Resolution Boards and Partnering in Public Works Projects Webinar 04/13/2010
State Government ADR: Examples from the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia 11/03/2009
Effective ADR Advocacy before the Boards of Contract Appeals 03/24/2009
Arbitration: Ensuring Efficient and Reviewable Proceedings under New Supreme Court Restraints 10/06/2008
Trends in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Law 05/07/2008
Using ADR to Resolve Civil False Claims Act and Qui Tam Actions 11/27/2007
Conflict Management In Evolution 06/11/2007
Using ADR To Resolve Government Contract Controversies: Potential Versus Practice In The Private Sector 09/12/2006
Agency ADR Programs: The Inside View - What Every Contractor Should Know 04/18/2006
Federal Procurement ADR Update 12/15/2005
ADR & Technology: An Introduction to the Cutting Edge 05/24/2005
Mediation Styles and Techniques 10/05/2004
Designing Conflict Management Systems 06/23/2004
Mediation Advocacy 02/24/2004
Structuring, Justifying and Funding the ADR Settlement 11/17/2003
Federal ADR Confidentiality -- An Update and Practical Guidance 05/20/2003
Federal Procurement ADR Forum Selection 02/14/2003
Best Practices in Government contract Dispute Avoidance 12/04/2002
Unique Aspects of Mediating Government Construction Contract Disputes 10/24/2002
ADR Nuts & Bolts -- Part III -- Effective Government Contracts ADR Presentations 03/12/2002
ADR Nuts & Bolts -- Part II -- Effective ADR Preparation 01/25/2002
ADR Nuts & Bolts -- Part I -- Testing consent: Drafting the ADR Agreement 11/20/2001
Breaking the Impasse 05/16/2001
Confidentiality in Public Procurement ADR -- Legal and Ethical Issues 11/09/2000
Developing Guidance for Federal Agency Binding Arbitration 05/3/2000
Expediting Audits for ADR 02/02/2000
Public Contract ADR: Success and Horror Stories 09/13/1999

The section draws its membership from judges, attorneys, and contracting personnel from a variety of forums and agencies.


What is the Interagency Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Working Group?

We are the central forum and resource for information about the federal government's use of ADR. We advance the use of ADR through:

  • Coordination of multi-agency initiatives
  • Promotion of best practices and programs
  • Dissemination of policy and guidance

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