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2018 Federal ADR Events and Materials

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Date Title of Event
December 6 SNAP Into It! How to Experience Conflict Mindfully

For many people mindfulness practice is seen as something abstract and fanciful with little real world application or use. Mindfulness, however, is not something to be left “on the cushion.” Rather, it is an incredibly powerful tool we can bring into our daily lives to help with the challenges we are experiencing here and now. For example, as the storm clouds of conflict gather, we can use specific mindfulness techniques - in the moment - to help us respond with greater clarity, wisdom, and calm, instead of responding from an automatic, unthinking state. In this highly interactive session, Professor Phillis Morgan, J.D., will introduce a practical mindfulness method – SNAP BCtm - which she has distilled from centuries of mindfulness practices. Practitioners will work with tools that help increase an individuals' capacity to see and interrupt unhelpful, automatic behaviors in dealing with conflict, and respond with greater compassion and resilience.

Professor Phillis Morgan, JD

October 18 Transforming Conflict through Hip Hop

Hip hop is a music genre developed in the US by inner-city African Americans in the 1970s. Today hip hop music promotes constructive self-expression and healing among youth worldwide. It can stimulate dialogue and promote cross-cultural collaboration while serving as a tool for promoting peace and understanding. In this compelling and lively presentation, Professor Mark Katz and Rapper Konshens the MC discuss hip-hop's history of successful conflict resolution and transformation, including its role in their work with the State Department's Next Level international cultural exchange program.

Mark Katz, Ph.D and Koshens the MC

     Presentation Part I         Presentation Part II

July 25 Verbal Atemi - A Technique for Creative Disruption

ATEMI is a concept contained within the Japanese martial art of Aikido. An Atemi is a strike used to unbalance or disrupt a pattern of intent. This workshop will explore the concept of verbal Atemi through stories taken from the conflict resolution text, Sweet Fruit from the Bitter Tree: 61 Stories of Creative & Compassionate Ways out of Conflict by Mark Andreas. Join Aikido black belt and seasoned conflict resolver Stephen Kotev to learn how to apply verbal Atemi successfully to high-conflict situations in order to creatively disrupt and redirect a dangerous, unhelpful, or counterproductive pattern.

Stephen Kotev, Conflict Resolution Consultant and Coach


May 8 How to Get People to do What You Want (Without Regretting It Later)

We depend on other people every day at work. Our supervisors, colleagues, and staff may support our ideas and projects, approve, and budget for things we want, help us overcome barriers and resistance, identify resources and solutions, and move projects forward. But what if we are at a standstill or at loggerheads with someone who is not cooperating or responding – or even actively blocking our way? In this interactive presentation, the participants will learn practical methods and skills to immediately resolve impasses and create greater buy-in, accountability, mutual trust, and goodwill.

Dian Killian, Ph.D., President, Work Collaboratively


March 28 For Busy Feds: Boost Your Feedback Skills and See Powerful Results

Effective feedback is the key to early intervention and prevention of serious disputes in the workplace. Ms. Cairnie and Ms. Johnston will discuss the value of feedback and explore the reticence that many feel towards giving and receiving feedback. The Presenters will provide tools and techniques to use feedback in a variety of situations including professional development. Participants will leave the session with a simple model to boost their feedback skills in order to promote a more productive and satisfied work environment.


Tracey Cairnie
CoreVision, LLC

Megan Johnston
Executive Director, Northern Virginia Mediation Service (NVMS)

Feedback Tips
Feedback Activities

January 9 Power Tools for High Impact Leadership

This program is designed to provide you with cutting edge ideas and concepts to help you coach your team and clients to attain their next level of excellence. The speakers will introduce a toolkit to maximize your leadership impact and help your clients transform their conflicts. At this workshop, you will learn to leverage your leadership strengths to achieve the outcomes you seek, test out innovative approaches for coaching and conflict transformation, and walk away with practical tools, including an Epic Impact Plan, for immediate implementation in your practice.


Melaina Spitzer
Founder, Inner Peacebuilding

Saleema Vellani
Founder, Innovazing, LLC


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