Wednesday, July 26, 2017
Noon – 1:30pm EST
Facilitation Analytics™: Tools to Help You Unpack, Analyze, and Navigate Conflict

Have you ever been frustrated when the parties won't get to the point? Ignore the obvious solutions? Just don't seem to understand what the other is saying? When the same types of conflicts continue to occur? In this program an experienced mediator and lawyer will share frameworks and metrics that can help you analyze and resolve conflicts more efficiently and effectively, and even help to prevent future conflicts. Conflicts - particularly complex conflicts -- occur within systems and relationships and are filtered through an individual's past experiences and understandings. Learning how to identify where these factors intersect and how they influence communication will help you to more effectively interpret and translate between the parties and help them to chart a path to resolution. Specific examples of how to use the tools presented will be integrated throughout the presentation.

Sarah Read
President, The Communications Center, Inc.


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