Electronic Guide to Federal Procurement ADR

Contributors to the Electronic Guide

Section Chair

Brigadier General Frank J. Anderson, Jr., USAF

Action Officers

LTC Michelle Kalkowski, USAF
Joseph M. McDade, Dept. of Air Force

Managing Editors

Anthony N. Palladino, FAA
Richard C. Walters, FAA


Martin J. Harty, ASBCA
Eunice W. Thomas, ASBCA
Marie A. Collins, FAA

Task Force Contributors

Program Design

Frank Carr, Chair, Army Corps of Engineers
Pat Sheridan, Vice Chair, Dept. of Veterans Affairs
Mina Raskin, Dept. of Justice, Bureau of Prisons
Jim Weiner, Dept. of Interior
Beverley Hazlewood, SBA
Rudy Segaar, Dept. of Labor
Catherine Shea, Dept. of Commerce
John Long, DLA
Vera Meza, Dept. of Army
Raymond Forster, PBGC
David Fishman, SBA

ADR Process

Anthony N. Palladino, Chair, FAA
Richard C. Walters, Vice Chair, FAA
Major Reese Farrish, USAF, Vice Chair
Liz Boyce, DCAA
Marie A. Collins, FAA
Joseph Daragan, Dept. of Agriculture
Michael Gerich, OFPP

ADR Training

Carole Houk, Chair, Dept. of Navy
Linda Oliver, Vice Chair, OFPP
Bonnie Lewis, Dept. of Navy
Marcia Richard, Dept. of Navy

ADR Neutrals

Hon. Martin J. Harty, Chair, ASBCA
Hon. Eunice W. Thomas, Vice Chair, ASBCA
Hon. Allan H. Goodman, GSBCA
Hon. Reba Page, EngBCA
Hon. Cheryl Scott Rome, IBCA

Website Development

The Section wishes to thank Donohue Consulting, Inc., its President, Susan D. Donohue and its employees, Myra Nichols and Elaine Kalio,
for their assistance in designing and developing this website and in making the Electronic Guide to Federal Procurement ADR the robust and user friendly tool that it is.