Newsletters of the Interagency Working Group

Resolving Conflict – June 2018

  • Letter from the Chair and Vice Chair of the IADRWG – David Moora, EPA and Andrea Geiger, DON
  • The ADRA at 22: We’ve Made the Case, So Let’s Make Sure it’s Told! - Marc Van Nuys, Army – a Three Part Series
  • The Global Pound Conference 2016-2017 – Ramona Buck, FMCS
  • The Conflict Management Consortium – Karen Dean, USPTO

Resolving Conflict – November 2017

  • Letter from Chair and Vice Chair if the IADRWG – Melissa Leibman, DOJ and David Moora, EPA
  • Federal Sharing Neutrals Program – Neil Kaufman, HHS
  • Why Should I Mediate? – Lula Mae Gray, HHS FDA
  • Interview with Howard Gadlin, NIH, on Ombudsing and his Views – Ramona Buck, FMCS

Resolving Conflict – February, 2017

  • IADRWG Technology Committee Survey Results – Michael Wolf, FLRA
  • Real Time Resolution of Ocean Transportation Disputes – Jennifer Gartlan, FMC
  • U.S. Institute for ECR Helps Parties Streamline ESA Consultation Process – Dana Goodson, USIECR

Resolving Conflict – March, 2016

  • Is What We Do a Mindset or a Skillset? – LoValerie Mullins, NMB
  • The Collaborative and Facilitative Processes Committee: The Cutting Edge of Government ADR – Jennifer Gartlan, FMC
  • The ADR Programs of the FMCS – Eileen Barkas Hoffman, FMCS
  • Untying the Knots; Tools and Tips for a Great Working Group – Katie Manderson, DOS

Resolving Conflict – August, 2015

  • Coaching in the Federal Govt – Cindy Mazur, FEMA
  • Administrative Enforcement and Regulatory Process Section – Deborah Osborne, FERC
  • Confidentiality in Federal ADR – Leah Meltzer, SEC
  • Overview of ADR at NIH – Tyler Smith, NIH

Resolving Conflict – February, 2015

  • Office of Governmental Services – the first 5 Years – Carrie McGuire, NARA
  • ADR at the US Civilian Board of Contract Appeals – Judge Alan Goodman
  • Coalition of Federal Ombudsman – Scott Deyo, NGIA
  • Contracts and Procurement Section – John Dietrich, FAA
  • Workplace Conflict Management Section – Cindy Mazur, FEMA
  • Litigation Section – Joanna Jacobs, DOJ

Resolving Conflict – September, 2014

  • Welcome Letter – Victor Voloshin, EEOC
  • History and Mission of the IADRWG – Melissa Leibman, DOJ
  • ACUS and the Development of Federal ADR – David Pritzker, ACUS
  • The Use of ADR at the Office of Special Counsel – Jane Juliano, OSC
  • CADR at the Dept of Interior – Matthew Costello, DOI

What is the Interagency Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Working Group?

We are the central forum and resource for information about the federal government's use of ADR. We advance the use of ADR through:

  • Coordination of multi-agency initiatives
  • Promotion of best practices and programs
  • Dissemination of policy and guidance

Newsletters of the Interagency Working Group

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